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Erasable Fabric Pad

Erasable Fabric Pad

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Erasable Fabric Pad. Easily erase stamp impressions on fabric and paper with water. Apply to fabric using a stamp and to remove use a wet cotton swab and retrace the inked image. Repeat if the image retruns once the fabric has dried.

  • Application - Fabric
  • Drying time - Dries in seconds on cotton. Varies based on material, humidity, etc.
  • For stamping images onto textiles for embroidery projects.
  • Always test on a scrap piece of material before using on final project.
  • Ink can be washed off with water or blotted off with a wet cloth.
  • Tap the pad onto the stamp surface to ink the image evenly.
  • Stamps can be wiped clean.
    For use with light coloured fabrics (will not show on dark coloured fabrics.)

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