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Stamping Wheel - Starter Set

Stamping Wheel - Starter Set

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The starter set includes the Wheel, a black ink and the Pop Flower stamp Roll your stamping wheel and make unique stamped borders or backgrounds. Decorate easily your pages and cards. Create your own wrapping paper. How to Attach Stamps to Wheel 1. Grip each side of stamping wheel and pull to remove from base. Then, pull orange knobs on each side and keep pulling while opening wheel. 2. Select Continuous Stamp and hook holes onto notches inside wheel. Wrap Continuous Stamp around wheel and hook holes onto other side. 3. Close and lock wheel by pushing knobs in on each side. Replace wheel in base. How to Insert Ink Cartridge 1. With ink cartridge cover on top, insert knobs into corresponding notches in base until they click into place. 2. Remove cover and tilt ink cartridge toward the stamp until it clicks into place. 3. There are 3 notches on the body for adjusting ink cartridge position for deeper or lighter inking. First use: 1. Your Continuous Stamping Wheel is ready to be used, you just have to remove Ink Cartridge cover and tilt cartridge toward the stamp until it clicks into place. 2. Grip body as shown and begin rolling in any direction. Use notches built into the body to align repeat. 3. How to Clean: Tilt ink cartridge away from you. Replace cover and remove. Clean with soap and water. Remove stamp from wheel and store flat. 5568 FSK5568 FSK5568 MPN 5568
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